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Our role in delivering pensions dashboards

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) has established the Pensions Dashboards Programme team, led by Principal Chris Curry, to design and implement the infrastructure that will make pensions dashboards work.

The Money and Pensions Service will develop a dashboard (the MaPS dashboard) as part of its function to provide information and guidance on pensions, but other organisations will also provide dashboards. We are working closely with industry, government and the regulators to maintain alignment.

What is a pensions dashboard?

Pensions dashboards will enable individuals to access their pensions information online, securely and all in one place, thereby supporting better planning for retirement and growing financial wellbeing. Dashboards will provide clear and simple information about an individual’s multiple pension savings, including their State Pension. They will also help them to reconnect with any lost pension pots.

Read the full pensions dashboards feasibility report and consultation, and the Government’s response.

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